Charlotte Style

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R 510.00 R 850.00

Our Charlotte style is a comfortable dress for your little ones.

It has over-the-shoulder straps that are adjustable, making this a garment that can be worn for a few years. The buttons are sewn onto the outside of the dress for comfort and there are two or three button holes.

We measure the length of our dresses from just below the smocking line.

Please note that all these dresses are handmade, so length may vary by a few centimeters. We try our best to be as accurate and uniform as possible.

Care Instructions

Pure Cotton.

Care Instructions:
DO NOT machine wash.
Machine or hot wash can deteriorate the smocked area.

Cool hand wash only.
DO NOT vigorously scrub the smocked area.

DO NOT iron the smocked area.
Ironing of smocked area can result in burning of the smocked thread.


As these products are hand sewn, reasonable wear and tear can be expected over time.